Chapter 44. Building JanusGraph

To build JanusGraph you need git and Maven.

  1. Clone the JanusGraph repository from GitHub to a local directory.
  2. In that directory, execute mvn clean install. This will build JanusGraph and run the internal test suite. The internal test suite has no external dependencies. Note, that running all test cases requires a significant amount of time. To skip the tests when building JanusGraph, execute mvn clean install -DskipTests
  3. For comprehensive test coverage, execute mvn clean test -P comprehensive. This will run additional test covering communication to external storage backends, performance tests and concurrency tests. The comprehensive test suite uses Cassandra and HBase as external databases and requires that Cassandra and HBase are installed. Note, that running the comprehensive test suite requires a significant amount of of time (> 1 hour).

44.1. Depending on JanusGraph Snapshots

For developing against the most current version of JanusGraph, depend on JanusGraph snapshot releases. Note, that these releases are development releases and therefore unstable and likely to change. Unless one is interested in the most recent development status of JanusGraph, we recommend to use the stable JanusGraph release instead.


Check the master branch for the most current release version. SNAPSHOTs will be available through the Sonatype repository.

When adding this dependency, be sure to add the following repository to the pom.xml:

  <name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>

44.2. FAQs

Maven build causes dozens of "[WARNING] We have a duplicate…" errors

Make sure to use the maven-assembly-plugin when building or depending on JanusGraph.